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Sands, Hall G - 51063
(Eureka Park)

8 Quai Jules Courmont
8 Quai Jules Courmont
Lyon 69002

P: +33625670708


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About Tikaway

Tikaway has developed hardware and software solutions to improve remote work through a pair of glasses with an embedded video camera, connected to a video conferencing mobile application. The tkw.glasses enable hands-free work and the tkw.live service provides many dedicated features for remote assistance. Use case: enable a field operator to work hands-free while being remotely assisted by an expert in real time for an effective decision taking and reduction of moving costs
Product Categories (5)
  • Accessibility
  • Computer Hardware
  • Software and Apps
  • Telecommunications
  • Wearables
Eureka Park Categories (1)
  • Enterprise Solutions (Eureka Park)
Company Contacts
  • Carole Bollard (Co-founder & CEO)
    +33625670708 (P)