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Sands, Hall G - 53114
(Eureka Park)

34 rue francois Arago
Albi, Tarn 81000

P: 33672591339

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About Marianka

Marianka, a space design firm, is developing functional, interactive and sensory surfaces based on a patented technology, named «La Matière Bavarde» or Talkative Matter, transforming all kinds of surfaces into sensors and switches. We have developed an interactive substance which we use as a coating to provide all surfaces with functionality. The smart coating is able to sense the presence of the human body through touch or from slight distances, through all kind of materials, in order to activate electronics.
Brands (1)
  • La Matière Bavarde
Product Categories (5)
  • Accessibility
  • Education
  • Other Consumer Technology
  • Smart Home
  • Tourism
Eureka Park Categories (1)
  • Lifestyle (Eureka Park)
Company Contacts
  • Margaux Bardou (Manager)
    0672591339 (P)
  • Lea Bucquet (Designer)
  • Aura Viale (Director of Communications)
    +330678201638 (P)