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Sands, Hall G - 53116
(Eureka Park)

100 impasse des Houilleres
Pepinieres d'Entreprises Innovantes Michel Caucik
Meyreuil 13590

P: +33 (0)685113359

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About Movin'Smart

EN Movin'Smart™ offers technologies and services for riders and coaches. The MS100 technology enables the real-time monitoring of biomechanical and physiological parameters of the active horse and rider and their interactions to improve their performance while preserving the health of the horse. The Movin'Smart ™ MS100 solution consists of two communicating sensors attached to the rider's helmet and the horse's net in a universal way. The Movin'Smart ™ application gives to the rider a real time dashboard and a session history. My Movin'Smart offers access to the horse work history (website).
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  • Sensors and Biometrics
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