Smartshopping, Inc.

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Sands, Hall G - 52979
(Eureka Park)

Planet Building
5F, 2-1-22 Nishigotanda, Shingagawa-Ku
Tokyo 1410031

P: 819040880284

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About Smartshopping, Inc.

Smart Shopping, Inc. provides the inventory management and auto-replenishment solution with the latest IoT scale Smartmat. SmartMat, the latest IoT scale released in Oct 2018, has weight sensors and measures the remaining weight of items for the preset frequency, enabling human-less (vendor) inventory management solution. In addition, users can also easily establish auto replenishment system (e.g. Email, Fax and Web order) when the remaining weight/% falls behind the preset threshold. Smartmat is one of the first companies that adopted the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service in Japan (Dec 2018).
Brands (2)
  • SmartMat
  • SmartShopping, Inc.
Product Categories (5)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Services
  • Smart Home
  • Wireless Devices
  • Wireless Services
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  • Enterprise Solutions (Eureka Park)
Company Contacts
  • Ryosuke Shimohara (Vice President of B2B Business)
    +817026605359 (P)
  • Hidetoshi Hayashi (Co-Founder of Smart Shopping)
    +819040880284 (P)