Pundi X

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Sands, Hall G - 52943
(Eureka Park)

The Co. Duxton, 99 Duxton Road
Singapore 089543

P: +6282140988853


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About Pundi X

Pundi X is a blockchain company that's creating a new era of decentralized world to improve your everyday life. Our current solutions are: 1/ The Function X ecosystem that is open source, scalable, secure & fully decentralized for companies & developers to build on. 2/ The groundbreaking XPhone (powered by Function X) which allows users to use blockchain to browse, text and call on the phone without going through a centralized service provider. 3/ The XPOS device, a leading blockchain-based payment solution that enables merchants to accept traditional & cryptocurrency payment methods with ease.
Brands (7)
  • Function X
  • NPXS
  • XPASS Card
  • XPhone
  • XPOS
  • XWallet
Product Categories (5)
  • Mobile Payments/Digital Finance/E-Commerce
  • Other Consumer Technology
  • Smart Cities/Resilience
  • Smart Home
  • Software and Apps
Eureka Park Categories (1)
  • Mobile Payments/Digital Finance/e-Commerce (Eureka Park)
Company Contacts
  • Soohan Han (Director of Global Marketing)
  • Peko Wan (Vice President, Head of Communications)
  • Zac Cheah (Co-Founder and CEO)